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Sheena Drummond, female therapist, black therapist

My Journey

Born and raised in Southern California, where I attended California State University San Bernardino to study Psychology and Human Development.


After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I relocated to Houston, Texas to be closer to family and pursue my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Northcentral University.


During my time in the master’s program, I pursued various employment opportunities that allowed me to work with children, teens, and adults.


One of the most striking things I noticed was the lack of familial support many children and teens had at that time, and it motivated me to ensure I would pursue licensure when I completed the program.

It was during my time studying for my master’s degree that I had a little boy. My son is my world. My experience in the support I had while preparing for birth and postpartum; however, severely lacked and it took time for me to find balance.

It took time to heal

and complete the journey to program completion and licensure. It took some time figuring out in what ways I was meant to work with families, and those who were on the same journey of parenthood. When I began researching maternal mental health concerns, I learned about doulas and found a connection to how I could continue to move forward in my support of families.


In my training and experience as a doula, I was able to reflect on my need for these types of supports and how I neither had them, nor was aware of these options during my journey into parenthood. I feel that the roles of a doula and therapist are complimentary to each other in that they both provide essential support to individuals and families.



This business was born from both the challenges I faced in my pregnancy and postpartum journey, as well as the journey of those close to me. This is my passion, to be for others what I wish I had access to during my birth and early parenting experience.  I believe that there will always be obstacles or struggles along the way; however, with the right support we can pursue a sense of balance and wellbeing even while navigating life’s twists and turns.

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...This is your healing space...

My hope as I move forward with my work as both a therapist and doula is to create a healing space for melanated individuals, couples, and families seeking a sense of balance and holistic wellbeing. My goal is to empower individuals and families to learn to set boundaries and put themselves first in a world that encourages them to put themselves last.


I look to honor the space one is in and ensure we lead from this position whether we are connecting with me as your therapist or your doula. I seek to provide therapy and education to individuals and families around anxiety, perinatal and postpartum mental health, boundaries, and self-care.


I firmly believe that representation matters which is why I choose to highlight Black and other persons of color. However, all individuals, couples, and families seeking support are welcome to connect and begin their journey to balance and wellbeing through Shades of Healing.

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